Posted by: Kai Brockbank | January 5, 2011

Lanscape near the Lac d’Ibardin

View from the track up Mandale (574m), near the Lac d'Ibardin, near Hendaye, Basque country, Southwest France - Vue du chemin d'ascension de Mandale (574m), vers le Lac d'Ibardin, près d'Hendaye, Pays Basque

December 2010, Panasonic Lumix DMC fz38, 4000 x 2248

        A shot I took on a walk the day after Christmas, in some nearby hills, near the reservoir where our tap water comes from.

        I’ll be posting a few more from the same walk in a bit, since I took a number of shots, especially higher up where some snow thin snow that had fallen in the night was left, catching the angling sunlight…

        Aside from that, I’d like to wish everybody a happy new year and thank you all for your time taken viewing my photos and for your encouraging and interesting comments throughout the past year! One of the ideas I had in mind when I set up this blog was to get feedback and find out what others thought of my photos, and I can only say I haven’t been disappointed!



  1. Very nice shot Kai – beautiful light and composition.

    • Thanks Graham! I liked the lines that the planted trees made along the hillside…

  2. This is a great view of a landscape with beautiful lines and shapes. I’m looking foreward to your next photos from there!

    • Thanks, Truels! The lines really caught my eye. I hope the next photos fulfill your expectances!

  3. It certainly looks like a beautiful place.

    • Thanks Michael! It’s definitely a great place out of the nearby places to go…

  4. I love this landscape, Kai. I like the different hues and lines.


    • Thanks Bob! I’m glad you like the colours in this shot! The lines were what really caught my eye.

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