Posted by: Kai Brockbank | February 15, 2011

Fields and Stone Walls

Paddocks in the Basque mountains near Legate (870m), Navarra, Spain

    November 2011, Panasonic Lumix DMC fz38, 3000 x 4000



  1. What a beautiful landscape. I am so jealous. We have way too much snow.

    • Thanks Michael! Perhaps we should have a weather swap, I wouldn’t mind some snow myself!

  2. Is this a current photograph? It’s so lush and green and beautiful You are welcome to take some of our snow too.

    • I havn’t been taking a lot of photos recently so I thought it would be time to get some of the old ones I’d never got round to posting out. This one is from November, but we still haven’t had any snow down to sea level yet. Thanks, I would gladly borrow some of your snow if there’s too much of it where you are!

  3. Picnic, blanket, books, pens & ink –here-asap! O what a beautiful landscape for loitering.

    • I know exactly what you mean! It was such a great place to spend an afternoon relaxing and meditating, although I didn’t do that! I’m glad this photo gives you that feeling. Thanks for commenting.

  4. A beautiful photograph of a lovely place.

    • Thanks! I have to say, keeping as modest as possible, that I’m very pleased with this shot! I’m so glad you like it!

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