Posted by: Kai Brockbank | February 24, 2011

Three Cows and a Lone Pine

Cows on Jaizkibel, Gipuzkoa, Spanish Basque country - Vacas en el Jaizkibel, Gipuzkoa - Vaches sur le Jaizkibel, Gipuzkoa, Pays Basque Espagnol

November 2011, Panasonic Lumix DMC fz38, 3472 x 2002

        I couldn’t resist taking this shot when I saw these three cows staring straight at me, harmoniously posing for my camera. Luckily, being cows, they stayed stock still and politely waited until I’d finished shooting!



  1. Haha, they sense you are a photographer that gonna capture a memory moment for them.

    • Yes :)! It’s only a pity they’ll never get to see it!
      Thanks for commenting, Chorwin!

  2. Kai, just moooomail the photograph to the cows.
    The wind is doing it’s thing on that pine tree!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    • Yes, good idea! Perhaps I’ll give it a go ;)! It’s amazing how wind can change the growth of a tree! I think the winds can get pretty strong around this bit, but you’d expect it to mostly come from the other side seeing as the sea is down to the left…
      Thanks Jan! Enjoy this one(a week late I know, but…!)

  3. Title sounds like a “song”–
    three cows and a pine
    hanging out
    doing time
    three cows and a pine
    all mine
    all mine…..

  4. Hello Kai!
    Back from 10 weeks of travel and adventure – and without blogging! – I started to resume my home activities, among others to visit my favorite blogs!
    This – and previous – the Basque Country are great captures!

  5. Hello, Kai. Where have you gone? I hope you begin posting photos again.

  6. Hi Kai, Where are you? I miss your great photographs.

    • I will just say, that I miss your photos too! 🙂 Hope you are allright?

  7. Decided to abandon the ship (site)?

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